About Me


The Author

Tall, blond, light eyes and extremely strong, even for a nordic God. This is how Thor, God of Thunder, son of Odin, brother of Loki, heir to the Mjölnir, looks like. I’m shorter, brown hair, dark eyes and smart. I’m the Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark kind of guy, but poor.

Born and bred in the Culatra Island… well… not really born because there is no hospital in the Culatra Island… okay then, let’s start again.

Born on a tuesday at two post meridiem in Faro Hospital, incubated for two weeks due to health issues and bred in the Culatra Island. Spectacular. Son of a young athletic shellfish farmer and a beautiful curly haired islander.

My name is Paulo and it is pronounced as Pahl where I come from, in the Algarve. I have dictions problems with the leter “L” and, because of this, my friends normally call me Pahwynh (Páwinh)… I’m not really sure if you understand what I mean. Anyways, some people also call me Jóia (Jewell), which is my dad’s nickname or Buchinho (my mom’s family name). You can call me what ever you want, as long as you don’t ask me to borrow you money.

I Like

… the sea, having my hair dry because of the saltwater, the hot sand under my feet and the warm sun in the summer.

I like traveling. I like sports. I like brazilian jiu-jitsu and yoga. I like watching football, but I like better individual sports. I like laughing, studying, reading, writing, going to the movies and eating. I like novels and poetry. I like sci-fi, fantasy, action and comedy movies. I like tv shows and documentaries. I like western animation and japanese anime. My favorite movie is The Lion King. I like comics and manga. I like pizza, rice, potatoes and bananas. I also like blackstrap molasses, dates, almond and peanut butter, blueberries, figs, persimmons, cherimoya, oranges and papayas. I like tahini. I top everything with tahini. I like my little island. I like my family, my friends (who I also consider family) and my dog. I like Joana. I like her a lot.

I don’t Like

… raining, walking around with wet socks, I hate carrying an umbrela and I hate even more using it on windy days. Though, I live in the rainiest city in Europe.

I don’t like luxury hotels. I don’t like busses. I hate taking the plane. I don’t like disorganization and dirty stuff. I don’t like the unpredictable. I don’t like running on the treadmill. I don’t like baseball, cricket, american football or curling. I hate when people compare brazilian jiu-jitsu to ninjutsu. I don’t like thinking, but I think a lot. I don’t like rushing to take the bus. I don’t like being late. I don’t like toilet literature, we have comics and newspapers for that. I don’t like war movies or dramas that just someone who goes to Cannes can understand. I don’t like reality shows or non scientific or history based documentaries. I don’t like when Ellie dies and Carl is left alone or when Riley forget about Bing Bong. I don’t like reading manga from right to the left. I don’t like overcooked broccoli, rice or pasta. I don’t like durian. I hate durian. I don’t like any sort of social discrimination. I’m always saying I hate people, but people are, in fact, the reason why I enjoy living.

The Blog

… it is my favorite way to share information. I like to publish photos and videos and stuff, but writing is the real deal.

The ideia of starting this blog came almost as the same time I stopped eating animal products. Although being a chef is my profession, I’ve always prefered simple food. And that’s what I want to share with you – simple food.

The main goal of this blog has always been sharing easy and healthy recipes. I could be sharing some very sinful recipes, full of refined sugars and fats, much more pleasent to the normal reader, but still free from animal products. It is true, I could. But what I want to share with you is what I eat. I want to share with you what I believe is the healthiest food. Showing you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. And that is this blog main goal. That and make you laugh, of course.

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