Chocolate Sauce

It’s fruit or chocolate

Fruit or chocolate? Fruit topped with chocolate, of course! Why fruit OR chocolate?

As you’re not portuguese, you probably have no ideia what am I talking about. Well, if you don’t speak portuguese but you live in Portugal and you still have no ideia what am I talking about, dude, there’s life beyond Facebook and Instagram.

I know in most asian and south american beaches, you will find these guys walking on the beach with a box and selling pretty much everything, from coconut water, smoothies and natural juices, to açaí bowls, ice cream and even shellfish. But in Portugal we’re quite simple people.

Berliners VS Ice Cream

There are just two types of beach salesmen in Portugal:

  • The ones selling ice cream (normally ice cream sandwiches) while screaming out loud “Olha o gelado fresquinho! É de fruta ou chocolate!”, which means “Here is the refreshing ice cream! It’s fruit or chocolate!”. Okay, this is not funny at all in english, but they have a really special way to advertise it portuguese;
  • The ones selling berliners (basically a doughnut with no hole, normally filled with crème pâtissière) while screaming out loud “It’s the berliner! With or without filling!”;

Ice creams, sorbets, cold stuff, I get it. I’m hanging there, on the beach, the sun is shining, I see that crazy looking guy with a hat carrying a cooler box and I think “I could use a cold beer right now.” Then I realize that inside the box there is just fruit or chocolate ice cream. Probably a strawberry vanilla or chocolate icecream sandwich with a soggy biscuit. Anyways, I get disappointed as f*ck, swallow my pride and I still pay the 2€ for that crappy ice cream, because, after all, it’s still refreshing.

But now, let’s talk seriously – BERLINERS??????? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F*CKIN MIND???? You’re there, on the beach, in August, hot as f*ck, almost melting down and you’re gonna buy a f*ckin doughnut???? “Oh boy, it’s hot, I could really use a pice of deep fried dough filled with cream to refresh myself!” And there’s even people who rather have it WITHOUT cream, because that way they can be sure they’re gonna choke on the f*ckin food and feel even more thirsty! F*ck man!

Do people in your country eat peanut butter with cinnamon by the spoon on the beach? To get my mouth dry I could eat sand and I wouldn’t pay for it!

Chocolate Sauce

I did not know what to call to this recipe, since is just a chocolate thingy. I’m calling it a chocolate sauce, but I guess you could call it chocolate frosting, or whatever.


4 Juicy Dates
3 TBSP of Cocoa powder
Water or Vegetable Milk
Pinch of Vanilla (optional)
Pinch of Cardamom (optional)


  • Pit the dates;
    • If you’re using a less juicy variety of dates, I would recommend you to soak them for a couple hours;
  • Mash the dates with a fork, like a man and stuff;
    • Add in a tablespoon of water, to help mashing it;

chocolate 1

  • Add in the cocoa powder;
    • You could also add in the vanilla, cardamom and even other seasonings you may like;
  • Stir in the water or vegetable milk, little by little;
    • Keep adding it until you get the desired consistency;

chocolate 2

  • Store in fridge, in a closed glass jar;
    • If you’re using milk, it lasts up to 3 days in the fridge;
    • If you’re using water, it lasts up to 5 or 7 days in the fridge;
  • Serve your chocolate sauce with pancakes, waffles, nana ice cream, fresh fruit or açaí bowl;

chocolate 3

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chocolate 4

Caloric Breakdown:

(1 Service ~ 1 TBSP)

Blue – 76% Carbs

Red – 17% Fat

Green – 7% Protein


  • If you have some caffeine intolerance (yest, cocoa also contains caffein), you can replace the cocoa powder with carob powder.

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