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Rice Porridge with Wild Berries

Rice for breakfast may sound weird to me that I’m portuguese and pretty much to all the people living in the western world. But, in many cultures, specially in Asia, of course, rice is present in pretty much every single meal, including breakfast.
Rice with raw egg and nattō in Japan, soup with rice and vegetables in China, white rice and lentils dahl in India, rice with fried egg in the Philippines, kuy teav with rice noodles in Cambodja or rice with fried fish in Indonesia. These are not dinner or lunch, but, in fact, the first meal of the day for most people.
When I’m asked how does a traditional portuguese breakfast looks like, most times I don’t know what to answer.
When I was a kid I used to eat cereal with milk, then I turned myself to toasts with butter and coffee with milk and just when I was older I realized I could also eat fruit, smoothies and other stuff. Of course I’ve also been through the boiled eggs, tuna with chickpeas and chicken breasts phase, like any other idiot in the gym.
But, after all, how does a typical portuguese breakfast looks like? Most of my friends didn’t even use to take it. Unless an espresso and four cigarettes until lunch time could count as breakfast. Ok, ok, some would also eat a pastel de nata (portuguese custard pie).
When it comes to the islanders from the little island where I’m from, they like to eat their pork sandwich with a cold beer in the morning. But most of them start working at 4:00AM! After four or five hours of work, breakfast doesn’t really taste like breakfast does it?

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A rice that was actually lebanese

Just as if I were a devoted to the art of cannibalism, maybe my own personal pleasure wouldn’t be enough to justify all the slaughter. I like grilled chicken a lot. But I also like being alive. And I imagine the others do as well.

But I like potatoes a lot tough. And bread. And rice. And lentils. But I like better rice. And rice with lentils. Which, after all, is also a traditional dish in Lebanon.

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Giant beans, chestnuts and stuff with rice

Now, just cut the bullsh*t and go get your beans and green stuff and you’ll see you’ll be saving some cash. Try just replacing some of your big meals or even try it for a week. You’ll see I’m right. If you lack on free time, or if you’re just a lazy motherf*cker, do it like me – cook one or two big pots of stew or something that last you for a week. There is nothing I like to cook better than big pots. At our place, we love stews, cury, casseroles and stuff like that. And rice. Lots of rice. Specially Joana.

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