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Soy Milk

On my way to school I would feel my belly bloated, I would feel sick and nauseated. I would make weird noises with my nose, like trying to relieve some pressure through the nose. I don’t know how to explain this and don’t even why, but I would feel a bit relieved by doing that. Even nowadays I would do the same.
“Those weird noises again? What now?” – Mom would scold me. Because this was not a single or sporadic episode, no, this struggle would repeat nearly every day.
Mom used to think that my morning sickness was dued to nervousness for going to school. And so did I, but I could never understand why. I actually used to enjoy going to school.
While growing I started hating having breakfast.
It was not until I was 17 or 18 when I realized that the problem was not the breakfast, but what I would have for breakfast.
I was asthmatic for many years and I was submited to a gazillion allergy tests, from cutaneous to blood testing. As far as I know, I don’t have allergies to any food, medicine or animal. The only allergy I’ve always had is to house dust mites. But the truth is that I found out that it was the milk that was ruining my mornings.
I can say I have lactose intolerance… or maybe I’m just not a calf.

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Some sort of Milk Bread

First time I had a hot dog served in a hot dog bun was when I joined 5th grade. There, in my school, they used to serve timg00006142he hot dog with that american style bun that looks like milk bread. I clearly remember the first time I tried it – it was disgusting. Sweet bread with a sausage, ketchup and mostard? WTF??? The few times I had a hot dog before that it was on a baguete or in a papo-seco (a typical portuguese bun).

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