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Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie

It is very important to state two things:

This recipe will not have exactly the same result as a tradicional brownie recipe;
This recipe doesn’t taste, NOT EVEN A LITTLE, like beans;
The big secret for this recipe are actually the beans. They’re what will give structure to the cake. But don’t worry, you won’t even notice it. Besides the neutral flavor, it will give an awesome nutritional profile to this recipe. Loads of protein, for the people worried about it.

The main goal with this recipe, just like all the others I bring to you here on the blog, is the remaking of a traditional recipe in a healthier way.

I could be making a 100% vegetarian brownie loaded with margerine, coconut oil and melted chocolate. That would be easy. More than easy, I know that would bring me more readers, because that’s exactly what everybody likes to eat. But when I started The Real Green Scene, I started it with a goal. More than a goal, a mission – to show the world that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless!

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Nutella – Choco Hazelnut Spread

This recipe doesn’t taste like nutella. Even I can guarantee you that. It’s not as creamy or sweet. But it is quite tasty and MUCH healthier. Still not something I would recommend eating with a spoon, specially if you’re looking for losing some weight. But, compared with the original product, it is super healthy indeed. If you enjoy the taste of pure roasted hazelnuts, you will love this. Besides, homemade is always better right?

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