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Chocolate 4

Chocolate Sauce

It’s fruit or chocolate

Fruit or chocolate? Fruit topped with chocolate, of course! Why fruit OR chocolate?
As you’re not portuguese, you probably have no ideia what am I talking about. Well, if you don’t speak portuguese but you live in Portugal and you still have no ideia what am I talking about, dude, there’s life beyond Facebook and Instagram.
I know in most asian and south american beaches, you will find these guys walking on the beach with a box and selling pretty much everything, from coconut water, smoothies and natural juices, to açaí bowls, ice cream and even shellfish. But in Portugal we’re quite simple people.

Berliners VS Ice Cream

There are just two types of beach salesmen in Portugal:
– The ones selling ice cream (normally ice cream sandwiches) while screaming out loud “Olha o gelado fresquinho! É de fruta ou chocolate!”, which means “Here is the refreshing ice cream! It’s fruit or chocolate!”. Okay, this is not funny at all in english, but they have a really special way to advertise it portuguese;
– The ones selling berliners (basically a doughnut with no hole, normally filled with crème pâtissière) while screaming out loud “It’s the berliner! With or without filling!”;

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Raw Carrot and Chocolate Cake

I am portuguese. I’m not a nationalist, not a little. I can sing A Portuguesa ’cause I learnt in school. I don’t get outraged because we have brasilian players representing our national football team. Even less I see representing the national football team as the ultimate act of patriotism. I am portuguese because I was born in Portugal. I could be anything else. But, as any other portuguese, my own tastes were shaped during my childhood. Specially when it comes to food.

No man. I’m sorry. I can’t. I tried carrot cake with cream cheese frosting many times. Vegan and non-vegan (Yes, I was not born vegan. Surprise, surprise). I’m not saying it’s bad. It is quite nice. But carrot cake is with chocolate frosting.

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