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Sausages, hot dogs and hail seitan

In Culatra Island Festivities there’s a bazaar.
Every year, on the first weekend of August, we have the Culatra Island Festivities in honor to the sailors patron saint. Amonst other tradicional games and attractions, there’s the bazaar. Nothing is sold at the bazaar. Well, something is solt – lottery. Yes, I also don’t undersant why is it called a bazaar, but it is what it is.
The bazaar is a wooden shed where some funny rolled pieces of colored paper are sold. Some pieces of paper have numbers on it that correspond to different items, from hair elastic bands and bottles of wine to the most bizarre things someone remembered to donate to the church.
There was one time I won a can of sausages and a bottle of mustard. According to my memory, on that afternoon was the first time I ever tried a hot dog.

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Arakas me Aginares – Peas with Artichokes

Anyways, all my favorite dishes used to have one thing in common – animal protein. Yes, I am not vegan because I used to like fish or meat less than you. And no, I don’t miss it, whatever that means. But even though all the animal products had been cut out of my diet, my fascination with certain products has continued. I still love stews with beans, cabbage and sweet potato, I still like to eat my chickpeas even without any codfish and I still the biggest fan of peas. About the sardines, well, they can keep doing their thing.

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