Instant Blueberry Jam


Compot, jelly, jam or marmelade? You could never tell the difference? You’re not alone. And believe me when I say thism working as a chef wouldn’t help you either. Beside all the compots, jellies, jams and marmalades, people are gonna start talking about all of these but with french or italian names for it, until it comes  to the point where gelée, jelly or confettura are all completely different things. So, to make things easier for everybody, we’re gonna call this recipe a jam. And before you start crying and telling me I’m wrong, remember this is my blog and I call my food whatever the heck I want. If I wanted to call this a Blueberry Kamehameha, this would be a Blueberry Kamehameha. Period.

Jams were never a part of my childhood. Contrary to many countries, jams are not a thing in Portugal. In some regions of the country pumpkin jam or quince marmalade used to be quite popular, but not nowadays and not for most people. Marmalade comes from the portuguese marmelada, by the way, in case of you didn’t know. I remember I wasn’t a huge fan of marmalade when I was young. Besides, I think the only jam I tried when I was a kid of tomato jam, that someone would ocasionally give to my mom. I think I actually enjoyed the flavor, but who knows the amount of sugar in it.

It was just when I started studying cooking that I became more interested in marmalades, jams, jellys, compots and all the possible combinations one could have with these fruit stuff. I remember that I bacame a fan of fresh cottage cheese with pumpkin compot (something very popular in Portugal back in the days) the momment I tried it.


When I started exercising and taking care of my physical condition (more like taking care the way I looked, actually), I started wondering if jams would actually be healthier than butter. By that time, every item on the groceries shops shelves would have a light version of it. And I just played along. I replaced my refined sugars with artificial sweetners. Not the smartest choice, I know. In fact, I also knew it at the time, but I was more worried about the way I looked outside than the way I looked inside.

If you’ve been following The Real Green Scene on the social media, you know, for sure, that here at the house, we try to stay away from highly processed foods. Refined sugars and artificial sweetners are just some of those products.

This instant jam is something that we make every single week. It’s one of our favorite pancake toppings and it goes also really well on the bread or with yogurt, nana ice cream or your breakfast fruit or cereal bowl!


4 Juicy Dates
300 gr. of Frozen Blueberries
1 TBSP of Chia Seeds (Optional)
Pinch of Vanilla (Optional)


  • Pit the dates;
    • If you’re using a not juicy variety of dates, I would recommend soaking it for a couple hours;
  • Mash the dates with a fork;
    • Add in 1 TBSP of water, if necessary;
  • Mix the frozen blueberries with the mashed dates;

jam 1

  • Transfer it to a pot and cook it on low heat, just until it starts boiling;
    • This could also be done in the microwave;

jam 2

  • At last, add in the vanilla and, if you desire a more consistent jam, also add in the chia seeds;
    • We normally don’t use chia seeds, as we like it a bit more liquid to soak the pancakes 😀 ;
  • Let it cool down completely before storing it in a closed jar;
    • It lasts two or three days in the fridge;
    • It could also be served warm;

jam 3

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jam 4

Caloric Breakdown:

(1 Service ~ 1 TBSP)

Blue – 80% Carbs

Red – 15% Fat

Green – 5% Protein


  • This process could also be applied to other berries, like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, for example;

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