Nutella – Choco Hazelnut Spread

Nutella – Vegan Cooking 101 #4

Nutella. Who doesn’t like it? To be honest, I can’t remember how old I was when I first tasted nutella. Maybe for my own sake, I think the first time I heard about it I was already a teenager. I don’t kow when did the product start being sold in Portugal. I couldn’t find that information. Or maybe it has nothing to do with it. Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, I worked with a girl who used to keep a jar of nutella right there, at the restaurant, to eat during the service. I really doubt we found out about nutella with the same age.

Well, the truth is that I never had that much nutella. I can’t remember eating a slice of bread with it. But I do remember eating a slice of bread with tulicreme. Man I used to love that sh*t. I remember that even as a kid I used to find it very artificial and not that chocolatty. But it was good anyways.

This recipe doesn’t taste like nutella. Even I can guarantee you that. It’s not as creamy or sweet. But it is quite tasty and MUCH healthier. Still not something I would recommend eating with a spoon, specially if you’re looking for losing some weight. But, compared with the original product, it is super healthy indeed. If you enjoy the taste of pure roasted hazelnuts, you will love this. Besides, homemade is always better right?


2 Cups of Hazelnuts

1/4 Cup of Cocoa Powder

1/4 Cup of Cocoa Butter

1/4 Cup of Maple Syrup

1/3 Cup of Oat Milk

1 TSP of Vanilla Powder

1/2 TSP of Flor-de-sal


  • Spread the hazelnuts on a tray and bake it on 180ºC for about 8 minutes;
  • In the meanwhile, melt the cocoa butter in the microwave;
  • When the hazelnuts are roasted, place it in the center of a clean towel, close it and massage it for some minutes to release the skins. If you have doubts, check out this video;
  • Blitz the hazelnuts in your food processor until you obtain a butter, just like the others I posted here;
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients and blitz it again;
  • Enjoy it over some pancakes;


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Kcal Breakdown:

(1 service is about 2 TBSP)

Blue – 22% Carbs

Red – 70% Fat

Green – 8% Protein

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Note: If you want some crunchiness on your spread, leave some hazelnuts on the side and add it just after the butter is ready, just like you did in the nut butter recipe.

P.S.: This recipe is not mine. It’s Emily’s from This Rawesome Vegan Life.


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