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Granola – Vegan Cooking 101 #3

When I was a kid, like any other kid, I used to love breakfast cereals. Oatmeal? Never heard about it until I was 15 or 16 or something. Cereals for me was:

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You would give me a box of cereals and I would become a dangerous child. I think I would always eat almost half a box at once. Maybe that’s why I became a chubby kid. There were some cereals that were almost prohibited at home. Me and a box of Cocoa Krispies was a recipe for disaster. The thing is the f*ckin cereals would shrink and vanish in the hot milk. It would just lose all it’s crunbox-cereal-lucky-charmschiness in seconds. And of course I would add some more in the milk. It was impossible not eat more than half a box every time. But the best cereals ever were these ones:

I really don’t know where mom used to buy it, even more because I talked about this with many portuguese friends who never heard about Lucky Charms before. Maybe she used to buy it Spain. I really don’t know. But if any cereal could represent the dreams of a child, it would be Lucky Charms.

I know I talk a lot about when I was a kid, I know. But there is a reason for that. In Portugal we say – It’s from very young that one twists the cucumber. Now, I have no ideia who the heck came up with this saying. Trust me, it doesn’t make any f*ckin sense, not even in portuguese. But, like any other portuguese saying, I’m pretty sure it has it’s reason. Anyways, in Portugal this means that it’s from a very young age that we develop our habits and life values. And this includes, of course, the way we eat.
As I always say, we like what we are used to eat. A child who never tried ice cream or cookies will never crave for ice cream or cookies. But a child who tries it once? Will always want more. Our brain doesn’t come up with new ideias. Our brain doesn’t invent. Our brain makes associations. It is just impossible to have desire for something you never heard of. We are constantly exposed to all this trashy publicity around unhealthy food day after day, just like the awesome breakfast cereal commercials specially designed for children above cited. It becomes quite clear that we must educate their taste the best we can right?

And it’s not just kids cereal that are nutritional garbage. Grown-up cereals are normally in the same boat. The great majority of the breakfast cereal avaiable in your supermarket are complete trash. Even the self-entitled “diet” brands. And this is not even considering that almost every single box of cereal is just heavily processed food. Even if müsli and granola may sound healthy, the greater part of it is loaded with processed sugars and oils. This is why is so important to learn how to enjoy simple food. Teach yourself how to prepare a nice and warm bowl of oatmeal and your life will be brighter. Teach yourself how to enjoy your cereals mixed with some fruit and milk. You don’t need a giant bowl of Froot Loops and milk every morning. Your wallet will be grateful. Or, even better, teach yourself how to make your own cereal mix.



3 Cups of Cereal Flakes (like oatmeal)
2 Cups of Sunflower Seeds
2 Cups of Pumpkin Seeds
2 Cups of Grounded Flaxseed
2 Cups of Shredded Coconut
1+1/2 Cup of Raisins
1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Maple Syrup
1/4 Colher de Chá of Grounded Cloves
1/2 TSP of Ginger Powder
1/2 TSP of Grounded Cardamom
1 TBSP of Cinnamon Powder
Pinch of Nutmeg
Pinch of Vanilla Powder


  • Roughly grind the oats in your food processor;
  • Set aside in a large bowl (trust me, you will really need a large bowl);
  • Also roughly grind the pumpkin and sunflower seeds;
  • Add it to the grounded oats;
  • Add in the grounded flaxseed, shredded coconut and spices;
    • I would recommend to use grounded flaxseed in this recipe. Don’t try to grind it together with the other seeds because it won’t work in the food processor. As alternative, you could grind the flaxseed in a coffee grinder before;
  • Mix everything nicely;
  • Add in the maple syrup and melted coconut oil;
    • You can melt your coconut oil in the microwave. It really needs to be melted in this recipe;
  • Mix everything one more time;
  • Line your baking trays with parchment paper and evenly spread your mix over it;
  • Bake it for 10/15 on 180ºC;
    • And yes, it is quite important to preheat your oven, otherwise it wouldn’t take 10/15 minutes right? ;
  • When it feels crunchy and golden, take it out of the oven and mix in the raisins;
  • Let it cool down completely before storing it in glass jars;


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Kcal Breakdown:

(1 service = 3 Tablespoons)

Blue – 30% Carbs

Red – 60% Fat

Green – 10% Protein

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It may look like a big amount of fat per service, but it is very important to understand the difference between processed fats and natural fats from seeds. This granola is loaded with minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. Add in some tablespoons of it in your smoothie or a bowl of fruit with soy milk and enjoy 🙂


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