It is quite normal for someone to go out to eat something and be delighted with some dish at a reIMG_0415staurant. To eat something that makes you want to come back to that same place, over and over again. Sometimes you wish you had that recipe. Sometimes you couldn’t care less. Probably because you wouldn’t even have time to make it at home. Or maybe you would, but it is still much easier to go out to eat. Lazyness has it’s own special flavor. And who doesn’t like to have the pleasure of eating out?

There are stuff that are meant to be eaten at the restaurant. Period. Stuff that one doesn’t even want to think about doing it at home. But cooking doesn’t have to be a three-headed monster. It is true that some people really suck at cooking, but nowadays one can learn pretty much everything on the internet. There are recipes for basically everything out there. From dishes that could be on the menu of a michelin starred restaurant, to the most handy and ordinary stuff. antimc10

It was thinking about those people who think they really can’t cook that I decided to start this new series here on the blog. This will be a space solely dedicated to the most handy and basic recipes one can master in vegetarian cooking. The recipes everyone should know. The ones you can use on a daily basis and that will help you to eat healthier even on the busy days.

Hummus is the kind of stuff that every vegan or vegetarian love. Pretty much everyone has their own recipe, with their personal touch.  Hummus is a real slut in vegetarian cuisine.



400 gr. of Pre-cooked Chickpeas (or canned)

2 TBSP of Tahini

2 TBSP of Lemon Juice

1 Garlic Clove

Sun-dried Tomato (about 4 pieces)


Cummin (grounded)

Smoked Paprika

Chopped Parsley



  • Blitz everything in the food processor, except the parsley;
    • Season to taste;
    • If necessary, add a bit of water to help blending;
  • When you have a smooth and nice paste, mix in the chopped parsley;
  • Spread some on a slice of bread and eat;


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Caloric Breakdown:

(1 service is about 30 gr. – 2 TBSP)

Blue – 57% Carbs

Red – 26% Fat

Green – 17% Protein

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