Nana Ice Cream with Molasses and Shit

Yeah yeah, I know – there is nothing new about a nana ice cream. And I know every f*ckin vegan blog has a recipe for this. And I know you really don’t need a f*ckin recipe for this. But I still know a lot a people who never ever heard about nana ice cream. So this recipe is probably not for you Mr. Smartass, but for you Mr. I Love HäagenDazs. If you never tried nana ice cream, you’re missing life.

Nana Ice Cream with Molasses and Walnuts

Ingredients for 2 gigantic portions:

10 Frozen Bananas

4 TBSP of Crushed Walnuts

6 TBSP of Pumpkin Seeds

1/4 Cup of Raisins

2 TBSP of Blackstrap Molasses

Cinnamon Powder

Vanilla Powder or Extract


  • Throw your f*ckin bananas in your food processor;
  • Be a smart boy and make it in two times if it’s necessary;
  • When your machine starts have problems to process all the sh*t, use a spatula and take from the sides;
  • Keep working on that shit for 10.000 hours;
  • When your beard feels thick and solid again, it’s probably ready;
  • In a bowl, mix the motherf*cker with some vanilla powder and swirl in your molasses and raisins;
  • Serve it and top it with your walnuts, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon;
  • If you don’t like my toppings, do whatever the f*ck you want;


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Kcal Breakdown:

Blue – 80% Carbs

Red – 14% Fat

Green – 6% Protein

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