A rice that was actually lebanese

“Rice powder. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s from brown rice. Infernal. When you arrive with all your rice.”

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Brown rice and lentils

I like potatoes. And bread. And rice. But before I used to like grilled chicken. And I never cared that much when my mom would tell me to do not eat the skin because it was too fatty. I used to like grilled chicken a lot. But then I realized that grilled chicken was just a culinary term. I don’t recall making any connection between chickens and grilled chicken when I was a little child. I used to like chickens. They were cute. But I like grilled chicken better. When I was a bit older, I realized that grilled chicken was actually chicken. But I never gave the subject much attention. I used to like grilled chicken a lot. Some time ago I started thinking that this, this e this maybe didn’t worth how much I liked grilled chicken. Just as if I were a devoted to the art of cannibalism, maybe my own personal pleasure wouldn’t be enough to justify all the slaughter. I like grilled chicken a lot. But I also like being alive. And I imagine the others do as well.

But I like potatoes a lot tough. And bread. And rice. And lentils. But I like better rice. And rice with lentils. Which, after all, is also a traditional dish in Lebanon.

Ingredients for 4 people. Or maybe 6:

2 Cups of Brown Rice

2 Cups of Lentils

400 gr. of Brussel Sprouts

1 Red Onion

1 Red Chilli

1 Garlic Clove

1 Piece of Ginger
1 Bunch of Coriander

2 TBSP of Blackstrap Molasses

2 TBSP of Tahini

3 TBSP of Cury Powder

1 TBSP of Garam Masala

1 TBSP of Grounded Cumin

1 TSP of Paprika Powder

1 TBSP of Salt


  • Start by grabing your rice and lentils and wash the all stuff. Yes, rice and lentils are suposed to be washed. We like everything washed and clean around here;
  • Grab the all stuff and throw it in something. Yes, something where you can fit the all stuff and fill it with water. The amount of water should be, more or less, a lot. Quite a lot to be more accurate. Ok, it should at least 3 times the amount of rice and lentils together;
  • Already done? Everything swimming in water? So, get a sleep. Or make sweet love with your lover, he, or she, or both if you wish. Around here we don’t differenciate genders. Do what you like better. If you’re going to bed alone, well, there’s nothing I can do about is it? Life sucks;
  • Let your rice and lentils soaking in water overnight, or between 6 and 8 hours;
  • 8 hours already gonne? Get out the here! You should be from Hollywood;
  • If 8 hours had already passed, drain the water and wash the stuff;
  • Put a pot, a wok, a casserole, whatever makes you happy, as long as it’s large enough, heating up on the stove;
  • Cut your onion in slices. Or dices. I don’t know. Do whatever you want. You will not recognize the pieces when it’s done;

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  • Open your chilli in half and remove the seeds. Or leave it. If your curry powder is very hot, I don’t think leaving the seeds is a wise idea. Anyways, chop the motherf*cker;
  • And the garlic, if you please;
  • Wash the ginger nicely and chop it, skin and everything. Yes, with the skin. I kid you not. And I like to chop the ginger in big chunks, but you do as you wish;

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  • If your coriander has roots, wash it nicely and chop it as well. If your coriander does not have roots… well… I guess you will not be able to use it. But you can use some coriander seeds powder, if you want;

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  • Throw all that sh*t in your pot;
  • Stir it, add about 2 TBSP of water and cover it;

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  • Let it cook a minute or two in medium heat and add in the molasses, tahini and seasonings;
  • Add a bit more water – about½ cup – and put the lid back on. Let it cook for 2 minutes more in medium heat;

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  • Add in your rice and lentils and cover it with water. Don’t pour in water like a champ. The water should be enough to cover your rice and lentils, more or less. Let’s see, if your using 2 cups of lentils and 2 cups of rice, or 4 cups in total, the water you’ll be using will be about 6 or 7 cups. If it’s not enough, you can add in more later, don’t worry;

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  • Cover your pot and let it cook for about 1 hour and a half, in low heat. This can take more or less time, depending on your stove, pot, or even the rice and lentils itself. So, keep an eye on it, checking from time to time;
  • While your food is cooking, wash your brussel sprouts and cut in 4 pieces;
  • And the coriander, if you please;
  • When your rice and lentils are nearly ready, add in the brussel sprouts and let it cook for 10 or 15 minutes more, with the lid on. If it’s missing water, add a bit more;

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  • To know exactly if your rice and lentils are ready, you can pay me a trip to your country, give me shelter, food and some coins to spend around and I’ll check it for you. Or, you can grab a spoon and taste your f*ckin food!;
  • Serve your rice and lentils topped with the chopped coriander. You may also serve it with some vegan sour cream, if you like;
  • If it looks like too much food, keep the rest in a container and store it in the fridge. You can keep it for about 5 or 6 days;

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This values reffer to 1/6 of the recipe. If you want to eat more… eat!

Caloric Breakdown:

Blue – 75% Carbs

Red – 10% Fat

Green – 15% Protein

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