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Greetings earthlings!

Welcome to the first post of The Real Green Scene!

If you’re here by chance, congratulations! You’ve just discovered an unending source of knowledge! Or maybe not. Maybe you just arrived at a good tool to search information. Ok, maybe just reasonable. Well, at least it’s something.

It’s true that being vegan is very mainstream nowadays, at least on the social networks, but what is being a vegan? Isn’t that those people who only eat lettuce and are extremely thin? It was the inexistence of decent written information in the Portuguese Language that made this blog appear (well, not this one, but it’s portuguese version) from the depts of the green hell to torment your life!

If you don’t know anything about being vegan, but still you hate everyone that eats green stuff, you’re welcome;

If you’re a wise ass who knows everything about everything please stay, we need you here;

If you don’t give a shit to any moral or scientific explanation that can come out of this, well, I don’t know what to say. But I did like roast chicken a lot before too.

What is a vegan?

In short words, a vegan is a being of superior intelligence, who’s knowledge never should be questioned. The more  years dedicated to your diet, the bigger it is the power of the vegan, being that Superman himself who is fed by solar energy, and the Hulk, who does not even eat green but is green, the most powefull vegans known by mankind.  Yeah, sure Popeye eats lots of Spinach, but a pipe-smoker dude dressed as a sailor? Seriously?

First of all I’d like to express my non-comprehension to the term vegetarian. The word comes from the terms vegetable, but eggs and milk don’t grow up on trees right? One is the menstruation of a chicken and the other is a secrecion produced by the tits of a cow to feed the calf. None of them sound very vegetablish. The term vegetarian, even for an idiot like me is… idiotic.

A vegan avoids any product of animal origin, from food to cosmetics to clothes. This is a very simple and condensed explanation, now, this is like religion and politics, there’s gazilions of different branches of this “diet” egg-lacto-vegetarian, egg-vegetarian, fishterian, ostro-vegetarian, insect-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, frutarian, people that eat clay, droplings and other weird stuff and even those that come from Krypton.

On my modest opinion, any person interested in nutrition, passed through different diets and food experiments. This because the available information is too much and sometimes doesn’t make much sense, which makes it difficult for the regular person to find a good conclusion without doubting if he’ll die because h’es missing a nutrient he didn’t even know existed.

So what diet is right for you? Well, it should be one that would give you a 50€ everytime you take a bite right? 😉

Jokes a side, there’s only one reason to become vegan – morality

Even though I have my doubts of the beneffits of having or not animal products in a diet, I’m pretty sure those products are not obtained in a very nice way.

It is estimated that around 150 bilions of animals are killed annually, only in the food industry. The big winners in this race are the little fishies – around 90 billion, which might make you understand why sardines are taking so long to reach your table nowadays. The other 60 billion of dead animals are from the livestock industry – those that we eat. Yes, the steaks, legs, wings, thongs, livers, hearts and chorizo were not born that way – it is flesh, members, organs and animal blood. Over 3000 animals are killed each second to satisfy our personal needs. Or could we say pleasures?

Even though I can’t confirm these numbers, it’s easy to conclude that they shouldn’t be far from the truth. When was the last time you had a meal without an animal product? These numbers do not included all the cats ands dogs that we leave behind when we don´t want them anymore – we’re very good at this in Portugal actually -, all the animals encarcerated in gardens, zoos and aquariums without any kind of scientific research purpose, all the animals we torture and kill for simple entertainment – thinking about bullfighting, amongst others -, all the tortured animals for you to have that papaya cream that will leave your skin shiny or that wool sweat shirt or that fashion leather jacket.

It’s true that our existence implies the death of other living beings. It’s simply not avoidable. But that’s something that could easily be reduced.

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